Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GSOC : Final Update

After months of scrounging the xlators for getting to know how they work, we've finally come to an end with my glusterfsiostat project. You can check out the latest source code from

I've worked on a fast pace over the past couple of days and completed all the tasks left out. This includes finishing up the python web server script which now supports displaying of live I/O graphs for multiple Gluster volumes mounted at the same time. The server and the primary stat scripts now also generate error if profiling is not turned on for any volume. Following are some screenshots of the server live in action.


The approach here is quite similar to Justin Clift's tool( but I've tried to build this as a bare bones package, since Justin's tool requires you to first setup an extensive stack (Elastic Search server, logstash etc.). My aim is that the contents of this tool should be self sufficient for anyone to download once and use it, not to complete dependencies first. The response from my mentor about the work done has been pretty supportive. I look forward to improving this project and working on some more exciting ones with GlusterFS in the future.