Tuesday, 17 June 2014

GSOC Week 4: "This is not a coding contest"

Basing my first patch to Gluster as a stepping stone, I've written a small utility glusterfsiostat, in python which can be found at https://github.com/vipulnayyar/gsoc2014_gluster/blob/master/stat.py. Currently, the modifications done by my patch to io-stats which is under review as of now, dumps private information from the xlator object to the proper file for private info in the meta directory. This includes total bytes read/written along with read/write speed in the previous 10 seconds. The speed at every 1 second is identified by it's respective unix timestamp and hence given out in bytes/second. These values at discrete points of time can be used to generate a graph. 

The python tool first identifies all gluster mounts in the system, identifies the mount path and parses the meta xlator output in order to generate output similar to the iostat tool. Passing '-j' option gives you extra information in a consumable json format. By default, the tool pretty prints the basic stats which are human readable. This tool is supposed to be a framework on which other applications can be built upon. I've currently put this out in the gluster devel ML for community feedback so as to improve it further.

Note: In order to test this, you need to apply my patch(http://review.gluster.org/#/c/8030/) in your repo first, build and then mount a volume. Preferably perform a big read/write operation with a file on your Gluster mount before executing the python script. Then run it as 'python stat.py' or 'python stat.py -j'

Quoting my mentor Krishnan from our latest weekly hangout, "This is not a coding contest". What he meant was that just writing the code and pushing it is not the essence of open source development. I still need to interact and gain more feedback from the community regarding the work I've done till now, since our aim is not to complete the project for just the sake of doing it, but to build something that people actually use.

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