Tuesday, 10 June 2014

GSOC Week 3: Patches Ahoy!!

This week, I focused on modifying the io-stats xlator so that it has the capability to store the speeds of recent reads and writes. Another information needed by my tool, i.e the amount of data read and written is stored in the private section of the xlator object(this->private). The meta xlator has a feature to custom dump the private info of an xlator, but for that it requires an initialized dumpops structure just like the fops one.

So for io-stats, I initialized dumpops and added the definition of the custom dump function(.priv) which is called by meta when doing a `cat profile` in the .meta folder. In order to store the read/write speeds, two separate agnostic doubly linked lists are used which store a max of 10 elements at a time. Each element represents a 1 second interval and stores the data in bytes read/wriiten during that duration and this element is uniquely identified by their respective unix timestamps(seconds). The following read_speed and write_speed fields in the file represent speed in bytes/sec for an interval of 1 sec which can be identified by the unix timestamp in the parentheses.
[root@myfedora newvol]# cat private
write_speed(1402602084) = 12552555
write_speed(1402602085) = 18558756
write_speed(1402602086) = 23685425
write_speed(1402602087) = 9786084
write_speed(1402602088) = 9543367
write_speed(1402602089) = 796957833
write_speed(1402602090) = 8530576722
write_speed(1402602091) = 10028056272
write_speed(1402602092) = 10719120525
write_speed(1402602093) = 10528354767
read_speed(1402602084) = 8961522
read_speed(1402602085) = 8082654
read_speed(1402602086) = 7617477
read_speed(1402602087) = 9810846
read_speed(1402602088) = 10258556
read_speed(1402602089) = 193668615
read_speed(1402602090) = 261608047
read_speed(1402602091) = 29639965
read_speed(1402602092) = 47595000
read_speed(1402602093) = 39282929
data_read_cumulative = 729737216
data_read_incremental = 729737216
data_written_cumulative = 729737216
data_written_incremental = 729737216

This patch is under review as of now. It currently produces a successful build with rpms and smoke tests with Jenkins . Also, the new rackspace regression test gives a success build too.    

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