Friday, 5 July 2013

GSOC Update 1

This blog post follows the progress of my GSOC Project - Unified APIs for the first 15 days of the coding period. According to my proposal, the main task for my project included identifying and implementing a unified pattern of file usage and header installation among various BSPs in the RTEMS tree.

During my discussion with Joel Sherrill(my Mentor), we identified an important sub-task that needed to be done first. This was removing legacy support from the BSPs. The legacy code is defined in the file libbsp/shared/src/irq-legacy.c , which include the following deprecated methods :

  • int BSP_get_current_rtems_irq_handler(rtems_irq_connect_data *cd)
  • int BSP_install_rtems_irq_handler(const rtems_irq_connect_data *cd)
  • int BSP_install_rtems_shared_irq_handler(const rtems_irq_connect_data *cd)
  • int BSP_remove_rtems_irq_handler(const rtems_irq_connect_data *cd)
  • int BSP_rtems_irq_mngt_set(rtems_irq_global_settings *config)
  • int BSP_rtems_irq_mngt_get(rtems_irq_global_settings **config)
These methods need to be updated with functions from the new generic framework present in libbsp/shared/src/irq-generic.c , written by Sebastian Huber. I've submitted patches for arm-csb336 and arm-csb337 for now. But I'll increase this list shortly.

Since being new to RTEMS, I've been committing a few minor mistakes while submitting the patches. But Sebastian, Joel and Gedare have been very helpful. Being experienced developers themselves, I really appreciate their support  in pointing out and correcting those mistakes.

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