Thursday, 25 July 2013

GSOC : Rules for updating legacy code in RTEMS BSPS

The legacy API employed by RTEMS bsps consists of methods defined in libbsp/shared/src/rq-legacy.c . The prototypes for these functions are written in cpukit/include/rtems/irq.h
Following are the rules/recommendations that must be followed while updating legacy code from RTEMS BSPs. They are:

  • The replacement of legacy methods should happen like this:

BSP_get_current_rtems_irq_handler()      → Obsolete

BSP_install_rtems_irq_handler()        → rtem_interrupt_handler_install()

BSP_install_rtems_shared_irq_handler() → rtems_interrupt_handler_install()

BSP_remove_rtems_irq_handler()            → rtems_interrupt_handler_remove()

BSP_rtems_irq_mngt_set()                      → bsp_interrupt_initialize()

BSP_rtems_irq_mngt_get()                     → Obsolete

  • All uses of rtems_irq_connect_data type and other data types from legacy API should be removed and replaced with suitable data types if required.

rtems_irq_connect_data  → Use components of this data type individually

rtems_irq_number           →  rtems_vector_number

rtems_irq_hdl_param      →  void *

rtems_irq_hdl      →  void *

  • Remove functions if they’re defined but not used, or if they’re empty.
  • Insert prototypes for non-global functions( having no declarations in a header file) in order to remove any compiler warnings.
  • Make functions static if they’re only used in that specific file.
  • Obtain status of install() & remove() functions in a rtems_status_code status and check it’s value with an assert().
  • While using install() method from the new API, the on() function needs to be called if it’s defined, and it’s not empty.
  • While using remove() method from the new API, the off() function needs to be called before, if it’s defined, and it’s not empty.
  • The implementation of is_enabled/is_on() helper from previous structure should be removed if it’s not used already.
  • Inserting a declaration of a global function in the same file is a bad hack.

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